Tree Portrait in This Wild Song exhibition

My new work, Tree Portrait #1, is included in a pop-up This Wild Song exhibition at The Art Room opening this Saturday.

The exhibition is part of the website launch and forum for This Wild Song, a long term project by Melbourne artist Ilona Nelson. Nelson is curating and photographing over 100 significant Australian female artists, to create portraits in which the artist becomes a part of their own artwork.

The forum panel comprises four TWS artists:
Terri Brooks
Louise Blyton
Megan Evans
Michelle Hamer

The exhibition includes works by:
Kim ANDERSON / Louise BLYTON / Terri BROOKS / Celeste CHANDLER / Yvette COPPERSMITH / Filomena COPPOLA / Nanou DUPUIS / Megan EVANS / Erika GOFTON / Kate GOLDING / Jennifer GOODMAN / Michelle HAMER / Dena KAHAN / Justine KHAMARA / Emma LANGRIDGE / Marise MAAS / Leith MAGUIRE / Indigo O’ROURKE / Becc ORSZAG / Tai SNAITH / Merryn TREVETHAN / Charlotte WATSON

Saturday 24 June, 1 – 4pm

The Art Room
125 Hyde Street, Footscray
Melbourne, VIC 3073 Australia