Timelapse at Gippsland Art Gallery

My work, Hunter, is to be shown in Timelapse at Gippsland Art Gallery, from 14 May – 24 July 2016.

Timelapse is another exciting show from curator Simon Gregg, in which he has brought together old master prints and works of contemporary photography. I am fairly blown away to have Hunter matched with a work by Italian Baroque artist Salvator Rosa from around 1650.

Gregg writes “By dissolving traditional boundaries around art Timelapse proposes parallels in content irrespective of period and style. Both an art history and an art experiment, perspectives in Timelapse are determined by the unique cultural and geographic circumstances of each artist.”

The exhibition features work by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Lesley Duxbury, Raphael, Jane Burton, Eugene von Guérard, Polixeni Papapetrou, Giuseppe Vasi, Izabela Pluta, Jacob van Ruisdael, Francesca Rosa, Salvator Rosa, Abby Storey, J.M.W. Turner, Janina Green , Nicholas Chevalier, Rosemary Laing, Paul Sandby, Maxine Salvatore, Jacques Arago, Susan Purdy, George Cuitt the Younger, Saskia Pandji Sakti, and Jean-Jacques-Francois Le Barbier.