This Wild Song on Pozible

I have great admiration for Melbourne photographer Ilona Nelson; her work is vibrant, thoughtful, very beautiful and imbued with meaning. Thus I am humbled to be included in her current project, This Wild Song.

This Wild Song is “a series of photographic portraits and interviews with Australian women visual artists who have a unique voice.” It includes some of my all time favourite artists, including the utterly wonderful Polixeni Papapetrou.

The portraits in This Wild Song are carefully crafted images which portray the artist as an inseparable part of the work they produce.  They are styled and produced so as to convey something of the person, and of their artwork; no mean feat but one in which Ilona has thus far been very successful.

Ilona has already self funded and photographed a number of portraits and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the next bunch, among which will be a portrait of me. Jump over to Pozible and support this exciting project (go on, do it, you’ll get some nice rewards alongside the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting such a cool series of images.)