45 at 45: fortyfivedownstairs’ birthday exhibition

One of my Tree Portrait works is included in 45 at 45, an exhibition featuring 45 artists, to celebrate Melbourne gallery fortyfivedownstairs’ 15th birthday.

The exhibition includes a work by each of the following artists:|
Abby Storey, Andrea Jenkins, Angela Cavalieri, Anna Taylor, Bill Hay, Catherine Pilgrim, Cathy Drummond, Cathy Scott, Christopher Beaumont, Christine Larsen, David Frazer, David Hirst, Ella Whateley, Gavin Brown, Gay Hawkes, Janice Gobey, Janno McLaughlin, Jeff Raglus, James Yuncken, Judy Holding, Kate Durham, Kip Scott, Lisa Sewards, Marco Luccio, Margaret Gold, Mark Ogge, Megan Evans, Michael Pearce, Michael Vale, Morganna Magee, Nobby Seymour, Paul Blackman, Philip Faulks, Prudence Flint, Richard Stringer, Robert Lee Davis, Robyn Base, Robyn Rich, Steph Bolt, Stephen Nova, Susan Stamp, Terry Swann, Tim Jones, Timothy James Webb, TomboyBill

45 at 45
8 – 19 August 2017
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000